Organisation of the Association of the German Wallpaper Industry

Today, the traditional German wallpapers are again essential style and design elements of interior design. On the one hand, this is due to the remarkable variety of designs, patterns, colours and materials. On the other hand, German wallpaper manufacturers succeeded in getting the world’s leading designers interested in their product. Last but not least, the ease of processing and working with non-woven wallpapers and the environmental safety of German products also play an important role in the success of wallpaper. 

The Association of the German Wallpaper Industry perceives itself as a service provider to its members. It offers services and consulting with respect to all industry-relevant topics, such as EU law, standardisation (DIN and BFS), market analyses, statistics, environmental and consumer-related topics. At meetings of members, in seminars, during the exchange of expert know-how and as an employers’ federation, the association is a neutral and mediating body. 

Two committees support the executive board and the management of the association in their opinion-forming and decision-making: a technical committee and a marketing committee. 

The German Wallpaper Institute (DTI) is the communications platform of the association. The institute’s objective is to further the awareness of wallpaper and to help consumers, dealers, manufacturers, designers, architects and cooperation partners to experience the versatility of wallpapers.  

As point of contact for the general public, the German Wallpaper Institute represents the interests of its members at all levels to external parties. It puts German wallpapers into the focus of users again, for example through seminars and competitions for painting contractors and architects, and agitates for the preservation and continuous advancement of the quality concept.

The DTI maintains a regular exchange with consumers, opinion leaders, interest groups, media representatives, institutions and organisations. It provides information about German wallpapers, using numerous tools and channels of communication: information and image brochures, do-it-yourself films and trend videos, a comprehensive program of workshops, as well as person-to-person consulting. The DTI is present where the target groups are:

As exhibitor at trade fairs and other events
...with its own showroom in the trend and media metropolis Hamburg...
...on the internet with service-oriented websites ( and, blog, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter...
and even where one does not expect wallpaper: with a mobile wallpaper exhibition in major German shopping centres.

Quality Assurance Association for Wallpapers (Gütegemeinschaft Tapete e.V.)

In order to reassure consumers when they select wallpapers, wallpaper manufacturers came together more than 20 years ago to form a quality association.

Quality assurance associations have been approved by RAL, the German Institute for Quality Assurance and Certification (RAL Deutsches Institut für Gütesicherung und Kennzeichnung e. V.) after a thorough and lengthy admission and test procedure. RAL is the independent institution responsible for the creation of the RAL quality marks and specifies stringent test and quality regulations. 

The products of the wallpaper manufacturers who are members of the quality assurance association are subject to the permanent control by independent test institutes. By now, only German manufacturers belong to the quality assurance association. The quality and test regulations for wallpapers have been developed by RAL and the Association of the German Wallpaper Industry and have been recognised by the relevant professional and trade circles. The quality and test regulations are revised regularly, for the last time in January 2011.

Compliance with the quality regulations is being monitored permanently by the neutral Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research (Fraunhofer-Institut für Holzforschung) in Braunschweig. The DIN standards indicated in the scope of application include technical requirements with respect to the minimum water resistance, washability, colour fastness to light, shock resistance and the designation by symbols, among others. In addition, the members of the Quality Assurance Association for Wallpapers voluntarily commit themselves to a multitude of measures which ensure the harmlessness of wallpapers in terms of health and ecology.

Only wallpapers which meet all prescribed quality requirements are labelled with the RAL quality mark as a distinctive quality feature. The regulations guarantee the currently achievable optimum in terms of freedom from hazardous substances and ecological soundness of all materials, colouring agents and additives used in the production of wallpapers. 

The wallpaper quality mark is recognised worldwide as quality symbol for wallpapers.